May 18-20 2015

Kiel, Germany


XtextCON 2015

Call for submissions and registration are open!

XtextCON is the place for new users to learn Xtext quickly and for existing users to understand advanced use cases. Get in touch with Xtext users and the developers behind it. Discuss bugzillas and feature requests and get your individual problems solved. The second edition of XtextCON 2015 again takes place in Kiel, located at the baltic sea in northern Germany.

You can now register for the conference. Make sure you do not wait too long, as last year's conference was sold out four weeks in advance.

The request for submissions is also open.

Impressions from XtextCON 2014

Call for Submissions

Share your insights and get a free conference pass!

If you have anything interesting and Xtext-related to present, please send us an e-mail containing the following information:

  • Title of talk
  • Abstract of talk (around 400-700 characters)
  • Name, Bio and Picture of speaker
  • twitter, google+, github, facebook links of you (if you want to share)

We are especially interested in the following topics:

  • Best practices
  • Success stories: Products and other cool things built with Xtext
  • Technical presentations on certain Xtext-related aspects
  • Presentations of third party add-ons or related technologies

Please send your submissions to

The deadline for submissions is March 2, 2015.


Last Year's Speakers

Here is the full list of speakers we had at XtextCON 2014.

Speaker Image
Anton Kosyakov
Xtext Committer
Anton Kosyakov works as an IT consultant for itemis AG in Kiel, Germany. He is a committer for the Eclipse projects Xtend and Xtext. Before joining itemis Anton has been focused on the development of Enterprise applications.
Speaker Image
Boris Brodski
Boris is a freelance software architect, consultant and maintainer of XtextCasts. His primary focus is developing middle and large enterprise applications. He believes in test-driven development and well structured source code.
Cedric Brun
Cedric Brun
CTO at Obeo
Cedric is CTO at Obeo, project lead of the Amalgamation project, committer in Eclipse Sirius, Acceleo, EMF Compare and Eclipse Modeling's evangelist. He works in his daily job on creating products - OpenSource or not - and building the A-team to create technology.
Speaker Image
Dennis Huebner
Xtext Release Engineer
Dennis Hübner works as a software engineer for itemis. He has a focus on model-driven software engineering with more than 9 years of experience with Java and Eclipse. As the build engineer of Xtext, Xtend and EMF he has a lot of experience with build technologies such as Buckminster, Maven Tycho and Gradle.
Speaker Image
Ed Merks
Eclipse Modeling Lead
Ed Merks is the project lead of EMF, the Eclipse Modeling Framework. He has been an elected member of the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors for many years and has been recognized by the Eclipse Community Awards as Top New Comer Evangelist, Top Ambassador, and Top Committer and has received the Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award.
Eike Stepper
Eike Stepper
Oomph and CDO Project Lead
Eike is an independent consultant around the topics modeling and OSGi. He runs his own consulting company since 1991 and is the project lead of Eclipse CDO and Eclipse Oomph.
Eike Stepper
Esa Ryhänen
Independent Consultant
Esa is an independent consultant focused on developing tools and methods for knowledge based engineering applications by integrating CAD, CAM and DSLs to enable product designers and production engineers to build systems for product mass customization.
Speaker Image
Holger Schill
Xtext Committer
Holger is an Xtext Consultant at itemis. He concentrates on technologies around Eclipse and MDSD and is a committer at Xtend and Xtext. Holger is a regular speaker at international conferences.
Speaker Image
Jan Koehnlein
Xtext Committer
Dr. Jan Koehnlein works as a senior software architect for itemis in Kiel. He has been a core committer of Xtext and Xtend right from their beginnings at Eclipse. Even though he has converted to the textual world he has not given up on graphical modeling completely.
Speaker Image
Jens von Pilgrim
Team Lead at NumberFour
At NumberFour AG, Jens leads a team which develops a fully-featured JavaScript IDE and other development related tools. At Eclipse, he leads the GEF3D project, which he started as part of his Ph.D. project about semi-automated model-to-model transformations.
Speaker Image
Lorenzo Bettini
Consultant, Researcher and Author
Lorenzo is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the university of Torino, Italy. His research interests are design, theory and implementation of programming languages. He is the author of the book Implementing Domain-Specific Languages with Xtext and Xtend.
Martin Nilsson
Martin Nilsson
Sandvik Coromant
Martin is working in the metal cutting manufacturing industry with automation systems tailored for mass customization. Focus in his work are on programming platforms and efficient integration with CAD systems together with developing modeling strategies for knowledge based engineering.
Speaker Image
Moritz Eysholdt
Xtext Committer
Moritz Eysholdt is passionate about software development and works for itemis in Kiel, Germany. He is committer at the the Eclipse Projects Xtext and Xtend and he is initiator of the test-framework Xpect. You may have met him as a consultant, speaker or runner.
Speaker Image
Sebastian Zarnekow
Xtext Committer
Sebastian Zarnekow works for itemis and lives in Kiel, Germany. As the co-architect of Xtend and Xtext he is specialized in language design, language implementation and IDE development. Sebastian presents at international conferences and writes articles for magazines.
Speaker Image
Stefan Oehme
Xtext Consultant
Stefan Oehme is a software architect and consultant at itemis. His primary focus is on connecting developers and domain experts through domain driven design, better languages and continuous delivery. In his last project at a large German bank he cut down release cycles from six months to two weeks.
Speaker Image
Stefan Winkler
CDO Committer & Freelancer
Stefan Winkler is a freelance consultant and developer for Eclipse-based solutions. For his customers, he has extended and adapted various technologies, such as Team, Mylyn, and EMF. Stefan lives in Kiel, and has been a committer for CDO and a contributor to various other Eclipse projects since 2007.
Speaker Image
Sven Efftinge
Xtext Project Lead
Sven is a passionate software developer at itemis, who loves working with high quality source code. He's an experienced programming language and API designer and is the founder and project lead of Xtext and Xtend. In his spare time he codes Android apps, spends quality time with his family and is out on the sea for kite surfing.
Vladimir Piskarev
Eclipse Handly Project Lead
Vladimir works for 1C, one of the largest Russian software vendors. He is the Eclipse Handly project lead and is deeply interested in programming languages, systems design, and Xerox PARC research legacy. Having extensively used Xtext since 2.0, he's a convert.


The Conference takes place at ATLANTIC Hotel, Kiel.

The ATLANTIC Hotel is located in the heart of Kiel, in the immediate vicinity of the Central Railway Station and overlooking the Kiel Fjord and the ferry piers.

A pedestrian bridge connects the first floor of the hotel to the car park. For attendees coming from Hamburg Airport we recommend the airport shuttle bus Kielius or the Kielexx airport shuttle.

Make a room reservation at the conference hotel using the special booking code "XTEXTCON"

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